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What To Pack For A Uganda Safari Holiday

What To Pack For A Uganda Safari Holiday


Africa is a diverse continent in terms of her people and biodiversity which two factors guide one on what to pack for a Safari. Your comfort is paramount while choosing what to wear for a safari subject to a few things, these include, the activities you plan to engage in on a safari, the weather and vegetation of your destination.

Your clothes should have colors that blend in with your environment such as brown, khaki, olive green and other dull colors because the bright colors scare animals away while blue and black colors tend to attract mosquitoes and tsetse flies, your Uganda safari wear does not necessarily entail a head-to-toe khaki ensemble.

In choosing fabric, go for that which is not easily stained, easy to hand wash and dry faster, For the ladies a sports bra will be ideal because of the bumpiness of the rides. On a gorilla trekking or forest walk wear long sleeved shirts, gloves, long trousers and socks to protect against insect bites and a rain poncho will do due to the abrupt rains.

Uganda is not entirely sunny or hot, the mornings and evenings can get quite chilly so wearing layers to remove or add as the weather changes is ideal and a light weight water proof jacket that can be squashed into your day pack is handy too.


Light weight hiking shoes, comfortable walking shoes for nature walks or hikes and sandals for the evenings at the lodge or camp are suitable. Activities like gorilla trekking and chimpanzee trekking may require tougher shoes because you get deep into the forests thus hiking boots come in also consider waterproof shoes made of material that is easy to wash without getting drenched as well as hard rubber soles such that they are not easily penetrated by thorns.


A wide brimmed safari hat; one with a cord so it does not get blown off as you ride through the wild and one large enough to cover not just your head but neck too. Sunglasses; the rays and wind on the game drives can be harsh on your eyes, Moisturizer and lip balm are worthwhile items to carry along for your Uganda Safari.


These are handy devices and gadgets that you will need on safari to capture precious sights and sounds in a photo or video or to help you see further than your eyes can reach. A camera, its charger, extra battery, memory card and binoculars are a priority under this category. In addition, in Uganda you will need the 3 pin UK style adapters but you are better off carrying a convertible adaptor to make your charging easy while traveling for your safari.


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