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For your trip in Uganda to be successful, it’s important that travel is convenient, reliable and as cheap as possible without compromising quality. One of the most satisfying ways you can see Uganda is by  driving from one unique location to another, sampling the diverse attractions. With an easy booking process, it couldn’t be simpler to arrange car hire for your trip or holiday with Kitenji Tours.

Kitenji Tours is among the top trusted and reliable car hire companies in Uganda. We offer a wide variety of well-serviced cars for all kinds of travellers at very competitive rates. All our rates cover government taxes, and a comprehensive insurance. Whether you are searching for an economy car or luxurious one we will take care of you. We have cars to cater for any number of travellers.We offer unlimited mileage meaning you can drive anywhere within Uganda.

We offer cars as self drive or with a driver. We have a dedicated team of English-speaking drivers with excellent customer care. 


self drive car hire is the best way to travel around the city and country as this allows you to do things at your own pace. When you visit a new city or country, a self drive option is the most fun of all options because it allows you to explore the new places on your own terms.

Self-drive car rental services have become one of the most widely accepted automobile-related services, especially for people who want a car for a short period whether for one day or a week. You can treat the car like your own for as long as you are using it. Self-drive car rental services will also make your drive a lot more convenient. The other advantages of self drive car hire are the freedom, flexibility, privacy and safety it offers. It also offers you the opportunity to take the routes you want.

Kitenji Tours offers a large collection of well serviced cars for the self drive enthusiasts . This comes with unlimited mileage meaning that you can drive anywhere  to your choice destination within the Ugandan borders. Depending on your individual and unique needs and circumstances, we will have you catered for.We normally require a valid international driving licence and a copy of your ID document and you are good to go.


Kitenji Tours offers Airport transfers to and from  Entebbe airport. Whether you are travelling late in the night or any other time of the day, our dedicated team of drivers will be ready for you.

Kitenji Tours offers airport transfers. We are quite flexible.

Rent a car with us and be guaranteed a safe, comfortable & well-coordinated travel. Whether you are planning a safari, business ,leisure road trip or any other kind of travel, we will provide the car that suits your needs.

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