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Mountain Gorillas In Uganda - Gorilla trekking experience

The Mountain Gorilla is one of the two sub-groups of the Eastern Gorilla, the other being the Eastern lowland Gorilla. The Eastern Gorilla is the largest living primate and is a critically endangered species. At present , there are slightly over 1000 mountain Gorillas and 6,800 eastern low land Gorillas.

The mountain Gorilla is highly social, and lives in a relatively stable family group that consists of an average of 10 individuals. The group is held together by long term bonds between adult males and females. 61% of the groups are composed of one adult male and a number of females; 36% of the groups contain more than one adult male. The remaining gorillas are either lone males or exclusively male groups, usually made of one mature male and a few younger males

The mountain Gorilla population is found in South Western Uganda, Northwest Rwanda and eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Uganda has more than half of the world`s mountain Gorillas. These are found on the Virunga Mountain slopes in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park both Located in South Western Uganda.

Gorilla trekking involves going on a guided hike through dense rain forest to spend time with a specific gorilla troop in their natural habitat. It can last from a few hours to a whole day. Visiting thеse еnigmаtiс and beautiful creatures is a life-changing experience.Gorilla trekking can be conducted all year around in Uganda, however the best time for gorilla trekking is during the months of June, August, September and December. This is because there are less rains and the parks are drier which makes it simple to hike and see the gorillas. In the wet season there is plenty of rainfall which makes the ground muddy and slippery.

Tourists wishing to trekk gorillas must first obtain a permit which can be obtained from  Kitenji Tours. The permits need to be booked at least 3 months in advance before your travel date, this is because gorilla permits do sell out very fast.

Kitenji Tours organizes affordable Uganda gorilla safaris for all types of travelers, whether you are travelling alone, a couple, family or friends, we are more than ready to organize for you an exciting safari that suits your budget as well as personal interests. We will book for you a professional driver, well serviced 4×4 car plus accommodation and gorilla permits at no surcharge

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